How to Make a Chair Tent

A chair tent is a wearable pop-up tent that slips over most any chair, including sports chairs, desk chairs and manual or motorized wheelchairs. It opens instantly and provides all-around cover to help preserve body heat in wet and windy weather while seated outdoors or waiting at a bus stop. It fits easily on a chair and the patent-pending formfitting StormStop bottom prevents wind and rain intrusion to help preserve body warmth. It is compact and easy to carry in a 22″ diameter carry bag.

This is an ideal beginner level sewing project. Get the kids to help plan, cut, sew and decorate. I used appliques but fabric markers would work too. To make the pockets, trace patterns of your choice (or use scraps of fabric) on to the paper side of fusable web. Iron on following the manufacturer’s directions. Position on either the sides or end flaps of the tent and zig-zag around each. This will prevent the appliques from coming off in the wash. Make sure to leave a half inch seam allowance when constructing the tent.