Choosing Wall Lamp Glass Shades

wall lamp glass shades

The shade is one of the most important components that distinguish a lamp, and a shade’s shape and style can dramatically affect its overall look. Lamp shades can also be functional, helping to direct the cast of light from wall sconces and other fixtures.

A Hozo glass wall light shade can elevate almost any design theme, adding texture, color and depth to an otherwise plain fixture. They may be shaped to bend or diffuse the light, or they can create shadows and shapes on the wall and ceiling, accenting other decorative elements in the room. The shade can also serve a more utilitarian role, darkening the spread of light in a room or protecting it from damage.

Lamp shade frames provide structure for the lampshade, keeping it in place and providing support for the weight of the shade and other hardware. Frames are typically available in a variety of finishes, materials and designs. They can also be customized with decorative details like finials, cord covers, embroidery and decoupage to add a personal touch.

Choosing the Right Lamp Shade

The shape of a lamp shade is important, and it should coordinate with the type of fixture and the room where it will be installed. Round lamps, for instance, tend to look better with a round shade, while square or angular silhouettes typically work well with square shades.

If the sconce will be used in a powder room, bathroom or bedroom, a tall cylindrical shade is often ideal because it can be placed between or around mirrors to help cast flattering light on the face and body. These shades may be frosted, clear or tinted and they can feature intricate etchings and bubble-like designs for added visual appeal.

Wider curved shades can work as decorative accents, especially when they’re shaped to resemble flames or stalactites. These types of shades can add a graceful flair to Victorian-era, Mid-Century or contemporary decor. The curve can also help to direct the cast of light, bending it downward and reflecting it back toward the wall or up into the space. Opaque shades can do the same, and even create defined up-and-down beams with more structured designs like grid screens or lantern posts and designs.

An opal glass shade can provide a classic look that complements a wide range of styles, from Victorian to Mid-Century and modern. Its smooth surface helps soften the glare and it’s a favorite for sconces, pendants and flush mounts. This elegant Sheffield-style shade has a gentle fleur-de-lis motif and gently crimped edges that can dress up new or vintage fixtures. A hand-blown etched finish on this style is sure to catch the eye.